Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mushroom Chive Palmiers

After purchasing the inccorect puff pastry last week, I searched for a recipe I could with it. This one was on the KRAFT website (one of my favorite websites for easy recipes):

1 Tbsp. oil
1 cup finely chopped onion
1 cup finely chopped mushrooms
1 tub (250g) PHILADELPHIA Light Cream Cheese Spread
2 Tbsp. chopped chives (I interpreted this as green onions on my shopping list - it seemed to work)
1 sheet (1/2 of 375-g pkg.) frozen puff pastry, thawed
1 egg, lightly beaten

HEAT oil in skillet on medium-high heat. Add onion and mushrooms (and why not put some green onion and black pepper in there cause I did!) ; cook 5 min. or until tender. Add cream cheese spread; cook and stir 3 min. or until melted and well blended. Remove from heat; cool. Stir in chives. (or not)

PREHEAT oven to 375°F. Roll puff pastry sheet on lightly floured surface to 25cmx35cm rectangle. Cut in half lengthwise to form 2 rectangles. Spread cream cheese mixture over rectangles, leaving 1-inch lengthwise border on sides.

ROLL in both long sides of each rectangle so they meet in centre. Brush with egg; fold in half. Press lightly; cover. Freeze 30 min.

CUT rolls into 1/4-inch slices. Place, cut-side up, on lightly greased baking sheets. Bake 15 min. or until browned. This last step was a little weird.... My rolls were long. Over 12". I would have had a zillion little pieces if I cut them 1/4" thick. Mine were about an inch thick and it still made more than the 20 it said it would make. Perhaps I rolled my dough too thin?

MY REVIEW: I sampled 2 with dinner and they were very tasty. The bottoms got a little dark but not burnt. These are packed and ready to go for the Oscar's!

JASON'S REVIEW: Laurel is the most gifted chef I know and her food tastes like magic and sunshine. They were very delicious. I need some more adjectives.

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