Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fish for Me, Pork for You!

I plan on making a lot more of these split meals. I think Jason requires more protein or he'll have to throw away all his pants! I don't have any recipes to share however....

... for Jason's pasta I simply cut up some spicy pork sausage, put it in the frying pan with onions, added some diced tomatoes and spinach and let it simmer for a while. Then I put lots and lots of Parmesan cheese on it because I wasn't eating it!

For my meal, I made some Highliner Tilapia.

It was really good.. much better than the fish sticks we tried that were multigrain. It's currently on sale at Safeway if you're interested... Something like 3.5g of fat and 130 calories per 2 pieces. I made 2 for lunch tomorrow too.

I realized if I just cook for 4, we'll have lunches too. Why didn't I think of that before?

Tomorrows dinner is currenly marinating in the fridge so check back!

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