Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kitchen Gadgets

I don't have any recipes to post this evening, but I did come across a website with some pretty nifty kitchen gadgets. Here's some of the weirdest and a few of my favorites:
Gurgle Jug
When the jug is filled with water or any other beverage, air is trapped in the fish's tail; as the liquid is poured out, the air produces a surprisingly loud and rather marvelous gurgle.

 Let your culinary creativity run wild with this Debbie Meyer CupCakeGenius 2-piece Set. Simply slip the innovative patented frame over the nonstick baking pan before baking, and the silicone tips automatically create hollows in the body of your cupcakes or muffins. So you can fill your delectable desserts with whatever sweet treats you desire! Makes a perfect gift for the baker, dessert-lover; or anyone who loves cooking up a creative surprise! 
Make 3 dinners from one batch--tonight's dinner and two others for future nights. (Unexpected guests are no problem.) Or, you can make 3 kinds of lasagna to plse the crowd--all veggies, meat, or cheese. The 3 separate non-stick channels allow the cook to be creative and a custom-fit, exclusive spatula is deep enough to get that great first piece with no mess. The width and length of each channel is the same as standard lasagna noodles to make lasagna building fast and easy!
Have you been looking for a new knife block for your kitchen? The Voodoo Knife Set is fun, functional and stylish. Your future suitors will get the "point". You are not someone to be messed with! It's the perfect complement to our ever popular Voodoo Toothpick Holder!
Add this beautiful Pink and Black Damask Apron to the design of your kitchen. These fabulous and unique soft pink aprons are made with three divisional pockets and can be worn for any special occasion. Machine wash with like colors, tumble dry low.
Porcelain Salt & Pepper Shakers Set Includes:

* 1 - Salt Shaker
* 1 - Pepper Shaker
Make your favorite breakfast sandwich at home in minutes. This combination wide-slot toaster, egg cooker and meat warmer will perform each function separately or all at once for a 4-minute breakfast sandwich. And you thought the drive-thru was fast!
Salads are extra-exciting when served in this delightful bowl. The hand-painted ceramic piece is embossed in various shades of green to resemble lettuce leaves, and the cute, stainless steel serving pieces--each outfitted with ceramic handles in a vegetable theme--provide the perfect coordinating utensils. From the Valerie Parr Hill Collection.

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