Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Stop - London

Hello from London! Jason's computer tells me it's 1:46pm but my watch says 8:46pm. The jet lag was very hard to get used to but today being our third day, we're feeling much better.

Where do I begin? We have seen so much in the past few days. Without going into TOO much great detail (or else no one will want to hear about our trip when I get back), I will share with you the highlights.

Monday we arrived at 7:55am London time after having no sleep on the long long flight. We were exhausted and not feeling so hot this day. We did manage to travel down to the British Library. They had some free exhibits and we stayed there until we couldnt focus on the words we were reading any longer! We browsed around Camden Town (near our hostel) until 2pm when we could get into the hostel for a much needed nap. Here's the view from my room:

Tuesday is when the fun began. We took a 4 hour bike tour and saw lots of the big attractions.

Kensington Gardens
Kensington Palace
Hyde Park
Wellinton Arch
Buckingham Palace (the queen was home!)
Green Park
Canada Gate
Admiralty Arch
Trafalgar Square
The pub for lunch! (beer and fish and chips)
Nelsons column
Big Ben
Westminser Abby
St James Park
Prince Albert Memorial
Princess Diana Memorial

After the bike tour, we hopped back on the tube and headed back to Trafalgar square and spent quite a few hours in the National Gallery. Then we got lost in Soho! Very lost. The weather was nice until the evening which got pretty chilly. No rain though!

Today we saw:
London Tower Bridge (took a tour of the bridge and engine rooms)
Monument (don't know the name but it was 311 narrow winding stairs up to a fantastic view)
Bank of England Museum
Museum of London
St Pauls Cathedral
Crossed Millenium Bridge
Tried to get into the Tate Gallery...closed at 6 though


I must go before this laptop dies!


  1. Weather looks delightful! Not a brelly in sight. By the way, where are the bike helmets? I think the stairway to heaven has something to do with Christopher Wren...Yes? Love the pictures! Have fun guys and keep keeping us posted!

    Love, Mom and Dad (Jason's)

  2. I knew a mom would notice that! Helmets were optional and we opted out. I have no good excuse - Jason is an over confident cyclist and I was having a decent hair day. What can I say?