Friday, March 19, 2010

Gryon, Switzerland

Who knew - there is internet deep within the Swiss Alps! Limited time however, so I'll make this short and sweet.

We got up early this morning, checked out of the hostel and headed to the outskirts of Switzerland to visit CERN. For those not in the know (like myself, until this morning) this is a EPIC culmention of scientific knowledge from all over the world.  As we had a train to catch, we were unable to take the guided tour but still had a chance to browse their small museum. Some pretty important stuff happened at CERN - Tim Berners-Lee, the man who developed what we know as the internet worked at CERN and we saw the first internet server! Exciting for Jason because he's a computer nerd and exciting for me because I make websites. Jason would like to say more about CERN, including a bunch of words I can't spell and run-on sentences so be sure to ask him once we're home!
Hopped on a train - actually 2 trains and a tram - and 3 hours later we were in Gryon. The hostel we are staying in was recommended to us by my brother and the view from our room is amazing. We look forward to sleeping in, going to the hot springs and just relaxing for this leg of the trip. I don't think the people here realize how lucky they are. On the steep train ride up the mountain, Jason was running all over the tram trying to get pictures while everyone else just stared into their books or was lost in conversation. I guess you get used to your surroundings but we promised ourselves not to take our short 3 hour trip to from home to the Rocky Mountains for granted again.

 This is the third mountain range we've been fortunate enough to visit and are, as always, in awe of the size and beauty. The people here, both in the hostel and the town, are extremely friendly and welcoming.

This place is like no other we've ever stayed. It's more of a community... it feels like we're living with all these people. Very relaxed atmosphere and we cooked our own dinner in the well stocked kitchen tonight. We just had pasta but were drooling over everybody elses gourment dinners so will do better tomorrow night. As I write, Jason is sitting on the balcony addressing postcards as the smell of something delicious from the BBQ is lingering through the open balcony doors. I think we will really like this place.

So Mom, tell Brad not to worry! We are very thankful for his recomendation as we would never have found this on our own. As we were cooking dinner tonight, we both agreed that we could see just why he loved it here so much.

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