Sunday, March 28, 2010

Italy - Pisa & Rome

Pisa was a one trick pony. Lots of history but not much to see. We were glad we only had one night there because I don't know what you would do for two!
Rome on the other hand... way too much to see and do! We arrived yesterday around 2:30pm, found our B&B and then took the 10 minute walk to the Colosseum. It was spectacular and amazing that it's still standing after many major earthquakes, floods, looting and a couple thousand years.
 Just as we were being shooed to the exit the sun was setting and the light was perfect so we snuck in as many photos as we could.
After wandering for a few hours we found a place for dinner. This pasta was fabulous but everytime I've ordered seafood on this trip it's come to the table with eyeballs. It kind of kills the ambience when I have to cut the head off my fish before digging in. Or perhaps the fact that I was wearing the same hoody I've worn everyday for the past 30 days already killed the ambience? Hard to say. Actually, once the legs and eyes were removed, it was very nice to sit outside and watch the people and motorcycles go by. It's fairly hard to completely kill the ambience when you're in Rome.
Jason had his favorite - lasagna. He said it was lacking in presentation but not flavor. For dessert, we stopped for gelato.
Every second shop in Rome has gelato. It's pretty hot here (don't know the day time temperature but around +18 in the evening) so it's a welcomed treat.
Today our first stop was the Trevi Fountain where we threw our coins in to ensure another visit to Rome.
After that we checked out the Paletino and the Roman Forum ruins. Jason wanted to know who has the job of mowing this lawn and if it really pisses them off hitting rocks all the time.
This was followed by a gelato because it was HOT out! We walked for quite some time in search of a bike store only to find it was closed on Sundays. We had pizza for lunch and saved the leftovers for dinner. This was complimented by beer (Peroni) and pringles. We are feeling slightly exhausted at this point of the trip and thoughts of home and Honey are starting to creep back in. Tomorrow is our last full day in Rome and we have no plans at this point. I predict a whole lot of walking + gelato.


  1. Hi Laurel & Jason,
    It won't be long till you are back home experiencing "holiday withdrawal", but it seems that you have had a phenomenal ride! So many highlights in four short weeks. As for the coins in the fountain, may all your wishes come true. As for the gelato, we aren't counting!
    Be safe.
    Jean, Russ & Nic

  2. Great to read about your adventures and what a time you have had. Bring us home a gelato!!!!

    Have a good trip back and enjoy all the memories.

    Helen and Alan