Thursday, July 29, 2010


** I just entered this photo into a gluten-free photo contest!! Wish me luck! **

Lately I've been reading a lot about figs. Not on purpose - the subject just seems to pop up in the books I've been reading lately. My big plan was to make a blackberry sauce to go on roasted chicken tonight but couldn't find any decent looking blackberries... and then figs popped up! A neat little bag of figs called to me from next to the berries. Seeing as how I've only had figs once (on a sandwich at Earls about a year ago), I used the tips and ideas found on the back of the bag to make my dessert. It suggested dipping the figs in some chocolate and then coated them with crushed nuts. Turns out I had a 85% chocolate bar in the fridge that I was not really digging so I figured that would be just the thing to coat my little figs in. I crushed up some walnut pieces to roll them in after and voila:
Four lovely little figs dipped in chocolate and coated in walnut pieces. I love the crunchy little bits inside the figs and the completely natural sweetness. They were pretty good but better yet, good FOR you. Figs and I have a very bright future. The fruit and vegetable section is my safety zone at the grocery store now. I'm completely free to try anything I like and I don't have to waste my time reading labels. It's 100% less stressful than eating out!

Who knew the day would come when I would appreciate cooking and cleaning my own kitchen more than letting someone else take care of it? Making my own food and cleaning my own mess is the most re-assuring thing I can do at this time. I know exactly what's going in my belly and my belly thanks me everyday.
 Oh and in case you're wondering what I had instead of blackberry sauce on roasted chicken.... nachos (que paso brand is gluten free) made in the microwave with tomatoes, olives and guacamole. It seems pretty weak in comparison but I'm kind of glad I couldn't find those damn blackberries. It's way to hot to turn the oven on!

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  1. I am always up for nacho's, unfortunately my wife doesn't feel that way....sigh.....your figs look spectacular! Would love to try those!