Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm Back!

For those who don't know, Jason and I were married on August 13!
It was a wonderful, beautiful and time consuming wedding. My mind was full of seating plans, dresses and decorations for the past few months. Now that things are settling down, my mind is migrating back to home cooking and relaxing dinners that compliment an evening glass of wine.  Let's jump right into tonights dinner:
With a lack of protein in the freezer, I dug right down into the bottom and found these 6 frozen drumsticks. This is a recipe that I pieced together with some produce from the garden and some pantry staples.

Drumstick Skillet
6 frozen drumsticks (defrost & remove skin)
dab of butter (olive oil would work as well if you're avoiding dairy)

fresh green beans
1 pepper (sliced)
1 tomato (sliced)

1 cup rice
2 cups water
mixture of spices (kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, ground oregano)

1. Heat butter in skillet. Brown all sides of the chicken drumsticks and set aside
2. Add vegetables, rice, water and spice to skillet. Bring to a boil.
3. Put drumsticks on top of vegetables and rice and cover. Let simmer for approx. 25 minutes.

This was a great dish! I let it cook a little too long and the rice was stuck to the bottom but the vegetables and chicken were cooked perfectly.

Here's a taste of a few of the things I've been cooking lately and will blog about in the near future:
 Sweet potato fries made in our brand new Actifry (details to come).
Jello vodka shots made for a summer BBQ party.


  1. I have to know how you did those Jello shots? Do you just cut a lemon in half, clean it out and pour the Jello in then slice when set? Any special tricks?

  2. You got it! No special tricks - it really is that straight forward. If you want them to be real shots, mix the jello with 1 cup vodka, 1 cup hot water.

    1. Nice idea. I'm thinking of lightly salting the rind then filling it with a clear jello of tequila. Limes would be better but may be a bit small. Party time!