Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

This picture is so unappetizing!

Everything that comes out of the crock pot looks the same sadly. Tonight we had skiing at 6:30 so I rushed home to put some chicken in the slow cooker so it would be ready when we came home. Again, I never measure anything and every time I make this it's different - all depends on what's in the fridge!

4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts (I have used thighs and they work great too)
2 cans of soup (cream of anything you prefer... mushroom, broccoli, potato.. we actually used cheddar cheese soup once and it was pretty good - this time I used mushroom)

So I always put the root veggies on the bottom - after I spray it with some non-sticky stuff of course. So potatoes and carrots on the bottom. The chicken goes on top of this. Sprinkle it with your seasonings... salt, pepper, paprika... anything you prefer! When I'm growing my own herbs in the summer I tend to get a little more creative with this. In a separate bowl, mix your soups and some salsa. You basically want to make enough sauce to cover your chicken. If you're only doing 2 breasts, you could use 1 can of soup. Jason likes to have the leftovers with rice so I usually make it extra saucy with 2 cans. Once the sauce is mixed up, spread it over the chicken so it covers everything. Throw the lid on we cooked on High for about 4 hours. Low would be 6-8 I think? I don't know.. nothing ever burns in there. I'm usually gone for at least 9 hours a day and I've left the crockpot on low many times.

MY REVIEW: It was so nice to come home and smell dinner cooking. I really love using the crockpot and must make an effort to try something once a week in there! I'm glad we made the extra because now we have lunch tomorrow too.

JASONS REVIEW: "Delicious as usual"

Also, to anyone who follows this, I know I have slacked lately but I promise I have some ideas up my sleeve! Perhaps some Valentines Day treats.... or some appetizers for the Academy Award Party I am making my parents host because they have a sweet TV and we don't even have cable? Stay tuned.

COMPLETELY NOT FOOD RELATED but on a side note, I skied down some hills that I never ever thought I could in a million years and the only time I fell was when we were playing tag at the end of class. We didn't have polls and I got competitive.

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