Monday, February 9, 2009

Broccoli Cheddar Casserole

I am out for the count with a back injury but I managed to make this pretty simple casserole tonight with a recipe I got from a friend at work:

2 bunches of broccoli (i used one as I halved the recipe)
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup (again, just 1 can!)
brown rice - 3-5 servings, cooked (i used a little bag of uncle bens wild rice with roasted garlic)
500g sharp cheddar cheese (i used maybe a cup.. probably less)

Layer in deep casserole dish - rice, broccoli, mushroom soup & cheese - 2 or 3 layers. Bake 45 mins - 1 hour @ 350 degrees.

MY REVIEW: It was good... very little effort required. I wish I made more for lunches though.

JASON'S REVIEW: It was "effin" delicious.

The past week has been busssssy. I did take a few pics. Jason made this lovely meal for me one night last week. He didn't want me to put a picture up but I thought it was good:

Then one night, Jason requested brussel sprouts and asparagus with cheese sauce. Normally I would never make cheese sauce but I had been to the gym everyday last week and was prepared to cook and eat cheese sauce on my veggies. So I get home and put the veggies in the steamer...

....and get out the ingredients for the sauce..... except i can't find the cheese because Jason had ate it ALL about an hour prior to his request for cheese sauce. I ended up making swiss cheese sauce (which I hate) for him and eating the veggies as is. Not too tasty - I won't lie.

Anyways, the night after, I mixed the leftover sauce with some tomato sauce to make a PINK sauce for Jason's pasta (he wants to eat lots and lots of pasta before his race Saturday). I was feeling generous so I picked up these Italian PORK sausages at the store and was going to cut them up and throw them in his pasta for a treat. Keep in mind, I have never made pork and in the (almost) 2 years we've lived together, neither has Jason. I guess it was a little much for his system because it really upset his stomach. Looks like we're sticking with the chicken only diet! Seems to work well for us.

So if there's nothing else in the next few days, be sure to check back THURSDAY because I'll be making some Valentines Day treats.

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