Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fish Sticks with Oven Fries and Spinach Salad

Jason doesn't like seafood and pretends he's allergic to it sometimes in social settings. He will, however, eat tuna and fish sticks. When I saw these health smart little puppies on sale today I knew I had to get them! To go along with them, I made a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and some Oven Fries. Here's how I make my oven fries:

Cut however many potatoes you want - I just made 2 because normally we wouldn't eat more than 1 potato each - into wedges. Then, put the wedges into some cold water for about half an hour. This step can be eliminated however it makes the potatoes less likely to stick to one another. It's a little trick I picked up from Jean Pare and I like the results better when I do it. Once they're ready, rinse and put only a baking sheet. Sprinkle a LITTLE olive oil and toss them around so they all get some. Then put your favorite spices (dill is great) on and pop in the oven at 425 for about half an hour - could take longer. Just until they're brown and crispy.

MY REVIEW: While the fish sticks were ultra healthy, it kind of left me wanting 'Joey's Only' greasy sticks. I always like potato wedges and salad was good. I'm full!

JASON'S REVIEW: I sometimes like fish when it's in stick form. I enjoy lots of tartar sauce.

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  1. fake allergy! I'm going to try that the next time a certain co-worker offers me her microwaved fish ....