Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tofu OR Turkey Spaghetti

Both a tofu and turkey variety of spaghetti this evening. It was really not that exotic. The sauce was Save-On's organic brand - roasted garlic flavor. I added some chickpeas and kidney beans for an extra boost. I was going to make a spinach salad on the side but instead just threw the fresh spinach right into the pots of sauce. In my pot, tofu cubes. In Jasons, ground turkey.

Poured my sauces onto some whole wheat pasta and voila! In case you're wondering, Jason's garlic toast burnt a little on the sides so I cut it off for the sake of not having burnt toast in my pictures. I don't make a habit of cutting crusts.

MY REVIEW: I wanted to make one of Jason's favorite dinners tonight. He changed the oil in my truck this evening as well as installed a new oil filter and windshield wipers. In return - spaghetti! This was pretty good. Makes for good lunches tomorrow too.

JASON'S REVIEW: It was good. Very filling. (I know he liked it more than this but he's busy looking for lost sunglasses or something?)

Now that he found them, "I can't wait to power up all the hills on my ride tomorrow because I'm full of pasta"

Before I go, I'd like to introduce the newest addition to our kitchen! A Delfino Blender.

I look forward to many smoothies, pureed foods and soups.

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