Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Salmon OR Chicken with Asparagus Soup & Nori Potatoes

I used my blender tonight! It's the perfect soup weapon. Jason had chicken, I treated myself to some fresh salmon and re-used my nori potato recipe from last week.

For the asparagus soup, I cut up and steamed a bunch of asparagus and threw it in the blender with some of my homemade chicken stock, skim milk and 1 garlic clove. I love having my own chicken stock in the freezer because I know exactly what went in it and what didn't. I sense a lot of soups in my future...

MY REVIEW: Delicious salmon! Seems like everything I get these days is from Save-On although we never really do our big grocery shopping there. I like it because I can buy 1 fresh chicken breast and 1 fresh piece of salmon. Not gonna lie though- I bought 2 fresh pieces of salmon. One for dinner tomorrow! Great meal and won't get tired of those potatoes.

JASON'S REVIEW: Jason is tired and in bed. I'm pretty sure he liked it? He said thanks.

*SPECIAL EDITION* HONEY'S REVIEW: I found both variations of tonight's meal simply irresistible. I managed to get a lick of mama's salmon while she adjusted her camera and papa caught me pulling his chicken breast out from under the plastic covering it. Why does mama even bother putting anything over it? She knows I'll stick my dirty paw under there anyways! AND THEN... I fell in the bathtub. What a night.

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