Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crockpot Chicken

This post is not so much about the THINGS I put in the crockpot as it is about the fancy way I discovered to both measure and serve rice. If you measure it (in the size of measuring cup you want to eat) and then plop it out on your plate, it looks fancy! Put a little parsley on top of it and it looks down right gourmet.

On a side note....in the crock pot there was an orange pepper, a yellow onion, baby carrots, chicken thighs and stewed tomatoes. It was seasoned with oregano, basil and black pepper. The brocoli was just left over from my lunch (no matter how hard I try, I cannot eat raw broccoli without dip) and was thrown in for about the last 10 minutes just to steam. In total it was in the crock pot for about 11 hours and did not burn. It was served with a fancy rice mound and the leftovers will be my lunch and Jasons dinner tomorrow.

MY REVIEW: Can't go wrong in the crockpot! Super easy and tender chicken thighs as usual. The only downside to crockpot cooking in my opinion is that it always looks like dog food when you take it out. Thank goodness for fancy rice mounds.

JASON'S REVIEW: He's still riding his bike but he better like it.

EDIT: It was the most excellent thing I've ever put in my mouth.

Sarcasm noted.

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