Friday, June 26, 2009

Greens & Chili

Jason and I ate all of this for dinner. All of it. The lettuce, swiss chard and kale are all from our garden! Asparagus from the farmers market.

I just steamed everything.... only margarine and feta on the asparagus. Everything else au natural! I really had no plan this evening. Note the lack of grains and protein. Oh well it was nice eating from the garden. Jasons new nickname should be Peter Rabbit. I felt kinda bad putting an entirely green plate infront of him but he enjoyed it - as did I.

I also made this chili the other night to take camping. It's got.....

ground turkey
diced tomatoes (fresh and from the can)
sliced carrots
sliced zucchini
kidney beans

I didn't get too fancy with the spices. Chili powder of course, some garlic and onion powder and fresh ground black pepper. I think that's it! It's really good... especially the zucchini and carrots I think. Not always found in a traditional chili but worked really well in this one.

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  1. Well, that really is the secret to a chili: put everything in it but the kitchen sink (sometimes even that if you need bulking up in the iron or calcium areas), but your chili looks great and I am sure will be a hit.