Saturday, August 22, 2009

Expensive Nacho Night!

Last night, we gave into our craving. Instead of going out for nachos and spending perhaps $12 on a plate, we decided to go to Safeway and get every pre-cut topping and expensive sauce we could find to make the ultimate nacho dinner. Here it is:
After looking on the backs of probably all the nachos in Safeway, we decided "Guiltless Gourmet" were the best choice.
Some nachos literally have 1gram of fat PER nacho. Although corny and grainy in appearance, don't be fooled.

Anyways, nachos were topped with some pre-shredded Kraft cheese, diced tomatoes, spanish onions, black olives and jalapeno peppers.

For dipping, we got Paul Newmans own Medium Chunky Salsa...

...and tried some Calavo Guacamole.

THE REVIEW: Best dinner ever!

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