Thursday, August 20, 2009


I made a meal out of nothing this evening. I pushed aside mine (and Jasons) intense cravings for nachos to make something decent. Is it true that when you live with someone you start to crave the same things? We both wanted unlimited nachos with salsa this evening. It might be because I really love nachos and salsa too. It's quite possibly my favorite food combo ever. We had neither, so I made some pasta instead of going out to get nachos.

I had half a bottle of pasta sauce in the fridge so to that I added garden onion, garden basil and garden kale, some chickpeas and frozen chicken pieces. I stirred that up with some multigrain pasta (which has WAY more fiber than whole wheat pasta I discovered), pulled some mini foccacia breads out of the freezer and voila and served that with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I EVEN LIT A CANDLE... which never happens because the cat is always on the table.

I also wanted to put this video on my blog because it made me laugh. Honey was in a sassy little mood while Jason tried to cut her nails. It had to be done because she was sticking to the carpet. She usually doesn't mind! She minded today though:

JASON'S REVIEW: Extremely filling.

MY REVIEW: I still want nachos.

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  1. Laurel....your site is amazing. I will follow along with you from now on and will take the time to see your previous blogs. Your pictures are delicious so beautifully presented. I will certainly try some of your recipes. Now I know why Jason is the happy, contented guy we love. Keep up the great cooking and keeping Honey on her toes...or I should say toenails!!! Helen Loehr