Monday, September 7, 2009

Camping Food!

We're home from the mountains! I said goodbye to an old friend on this trip ...
I also took some camping food pictures and tried a few new recipes in the woods this time. Here's the usual breakfast ...
Cooked by Jason:
For lunch one day, we had burgers (veggie on the left, beef right) and melted some gruyere cheese on top. That was pretty good!
Dinner on the last night was SUPER good. I just took a picture of the recipe in the book to save me from typing it all out. Click on the picture to blow it up and it's readable.
Cooking over the fire
All done!
This was such a good meal - we have leftovers tonight! The zucchini was from my garden and tomato from my moms garden. I pre-cooked the chicken sausage at home just to make sure it was fully cooked.
And finally, dessert!
 Delicious! This could have easily been done with canned fruit as well. Lots of different options with that recipe. 

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  1. The Italian Sausage Skillet recipe looks really good. Thanks for the photo of the recipe. Copied it down and will give it a try!