Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mystery Cupcakes

Stay tuned tomorrow to see these cupcakes get iced! I'll post the recipe for both the cupcakes and my first homemade frosting tomorrow. If you look closely, you can see the secret ingredient...

For those who are interested, my first cake decorating class was yesterday! Although I just iced a metal cylinder with plain white icing, it was nice to have room to work and all the proper supplies at hand. Just being in that bakery itself would be inspiring for any hopeful decorator.

One interesting thing I discovered was that not everybody is covered in icing after they decorate a cake. In fact, the majority have clean hands. Thankfully, there was one other person who had icing all over their shirt and plastered on the table/floor surrounding them. I thought that was pretty standard but I guess not. I've got lots to work on and practice but I really enjoyed myself and look forward to next Monday.

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