Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yesterday we said Goodbye to the hectic city of London. Our day was filled with the British Museum (another great museum with free admission) and wandering around Buckingham Palace and Green Park.
This morning we said hello to Amsterdam! Or should I say... "hallo", since it's the only dutch word I know. We left  London last night and took a train to Harwich. There we got on our night boat to Amsterdam.
 It was huge! We were on it from about 11:30pm till 7:45am (Holland time) this morning. Our room was cozy:
I stayed true to my long and rich history of sea sickness. During the night I was fine but the minute I stood up in the morning - sea sickness! Gravol fixed that right up. Good thing it did because as soon as we left the boat, we got on a train to Rotterdam and then another train to Amsterdam.  A bus took us to our Bed & Breakfast here in Amsterdam and we decided to have a "rest" day. The London way of life is very fast paced and Jason is still suffering from a cold/cough so we had a nice long nap and watched some dutch television in our room. Tomorrow we will find our way to the Van Gogh museum. 

In terms of traveling, things have been going very smoothly. Every train connection and boat and bus has just seemed to work out for us. For some reason I thought it would  be way harder than this! Also - much easier to live out of a backpack than I thought. We have everything we need and the actual carrying of the backpack is not a problem at all. 

My hair is an absolute disaster every day and my comfort zone feels like it's a million miles away but it's been a great trip so far.

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