Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I knew there was beauty in France! It took a trip outside of Paris to see it but we had a great day at Versailles yesterday. We took a tour of the palace which was full of loud pushy tourists (worse than the Louvre... way worse) but it was the gardens that we loved. Jason figures we walked about 15kms in that garden.
We stayed there until it closed! I can only imagine how it would look in the summer. This picture was taken by a friendly couple who were getting a kick out of watching Jason trying to set up the camera on top of a pop bottle:
We got the fixins for a picnic at a nearby grocery store and sat down at the edge of the canal in the gardens behind the palace. Jason was so excited to have found this huge Babybel for 2 euros!
We were joined by a pair of ducks while we ate and then a very bold swan. At first I was super excited but as with most of my encounters with birds, I soon freaked out. We have some great videos of this swan almost helping itself to our baguette and making what Jason refers to as "terror noises". Here's me, in the ready position:
So after a good day in Paris, we said aurevoir!
We left this morning and arrived in Geneva, Switzerland 3 hours later. As soon as we stepped off the train we liked this place. You can see the alps in the distance and the air smelled so fresh and clean. The weather is fantastic... sunny with a little breeze.
We wandered for only a few hours and came across lots of old buildings mixed with extremely modern shops. The people don't seem to take themselves as serious as Perisans. We decided tomorrow we would have our very first fondue experience so had dinner at this little resteraunt that served only organic chicken!
We were so excited to eat "meat & potatoes"!
We are now in our room, drinking beer. Jason is about to do laundry - I would join him, but a lack of clean pants prevents me. I'm off to have a shower and then run back into the room in my bathing suit. Fingers crossed the hallways are empty!

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