Monday, March 15, 2010


Bonjour! It is our third night in Paris with limited internet usage but I'll do the best I can. Paris is almost as busy as London but I feel like it lacks the heart of London. We arrived here around 5pm on Saturday and our hotel is... interesting. It is a bed and a sink in a room that is as big as the bed.

Our first full day in Paris, we did a bike tour. Again, a great thing to do on your first day just to get your bearings. It was a 4 hour tour and we checked out the Museum D'Orsay after that. For dinner, we ventured into a grocery store to find that a half decent bottle of wine is around 3 euro! Everyone in line had a baguette too.. people go wild for baguettes here. For breakfast we get a baguette and a chocolate croissant with jam and butter. I gotta say, I don't miss the meat for breakfast.

For the bike tour, it was pretty chilly but today was beautiful:
 Here is Jason enjoying the French style of landscaping at the Jardin des Tuileries:
We learned from our bike tour guide that the French like to show dominance over nature in their gardens as opposed to the British style which shows harmony between man and nature. I prefer British - Jason, French. The battle continues.

We tackled the Louvre today and after around 6 hours of wandering, I know I didn't see even half of the collection! My absolute favorite part was seeing Napoleons private apartment. We have so many gorgeous pictures from here:
We shared a crepe consisting of nutella and almonds. It doesn't look like I'm sharing, but I did. I also look like a bum but I only have one outfit and no hairdryer so give me a break:
Tomorrow the plan is to visit Versailles for the day then one more night in Paris! I don't want to sound bitter but I am excited to move on. Paris is nice to visit but I can't imagine spending more than a week here. It has a certain....aroma that I can't get used to. The Eiffel tower, for me, was underwhelming but seeing the Mona Lisa did bring with it a certain sense of wonder.

Next stop, Geneva.


  1. Hi Laurel & Jason,
    I would say you are being a really good sport Laurel; one outfit, no hair dryer, a bed that fills the room, and you still share your crepe! Tres classique! We are looking forward to your postings from Italy. Hope the weather warms as you travel south.
    Jean, Russ & Nic

  2. Dear Laurel and Jason,

    We are following your trip with great interest and are so glad that everything is working out as planned. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip and seeing all your pictures when you get home. Take care of each other, Love Grandma and Grandpa K

  3. The Goods - The weather is definitely looking up! We're in Geneva now and the weather was absolutely beautiful. I'm disappointed my backpack is going to be so heavy with all my layers now!

    Grandma & Grandpa - I'm glad Uncle Craig lets you use his computer!! So nice to know you're all traveling along with us. We already have over 1000 pictures and are excited to share each and every one with you.... just kidding :) We'll narrow it down.