Friday, March 12, 2010

Ghent, Belgium

We decided to take a day trip to Ghent this morning. After breakfast at our B&B, we were off on a train by 9:15. On its website, Ghent boasts it's epic tourist signage as the only type of its kind in Belgium. They say it's impossible to get lost! That means Jason and I did the impossible today. I feel like I have walked down every single street in Ghent and perhaps I did. Jason says no I didn't. Once we got our bearings, we really enjoyed the town.
 Ghent has a lot more period buildings than Brussels. Its historic downtown was so scenic and pleasant to walk through. One highlight from our trip was a castle in the middle of town. We took a self-guided tour and I actually enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. We took an inappropriate amount of pictures just because it was so beautiful but I will share only a few with you:
 We got a map from the tourist information center in the Belfry. It took us around the highlights of Historic Ghent including St.Bavo's Cathedral, Sikkel and Sint-Jorhisof which is the oldest hotel in Western Europe.
Imagine the girl in the purple coat cropped out of that shot.

We had some great waffles today...
We also tried a local specialty called Cuberdons which is a cone shaped sweet gummy:
I have to post  a picture of some fancy chocolates we got for dessert last night! I still don't stray from white "chocolate" which I know the real chocolate fanciers might scoff at, but Jason tried some dark pieces and says they were fresh and more than edible - that was a direct quote.

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  1. Ooh, now do you see what I mean about the age of things? I am so happy you are getting to see the age of what we call civilization. It sure does put us in our place, rather! You sound like you are having a good time despite the layers, toques and mitts. Keep it up guys!

    love, Mom (J)