Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We left Amsterdam yesterday morning via a Thalys high speed train. Two hours later, we were in Brussels. We are staying in a B&B in the heart of the gay district! Here's the view from our room:
They serve a nice little breakfast at 9am that consists of cereal, yogurt, an assortment of bread with jams, meat & cheese, orange juice and tea.
Today was really our "first day" in Brussels as yesterday we did laundry. It is so nice to have clean clothes again. Today we took a tour of the Cantillon Lambic Brewery. Jason enjoyed it:
It ended with some lovely samples... all before noon too! We tried a Gueuze and a Rose de Gambrinus (raspberry) lambic. The Cantillon Brewery is one of the last traditional lambic breweries in Brussels.

After that we want to the Grande Place which is the oldest part of Brussels. It is one of the few remaining original squares and adjoining streets.
We have tried Belgian waffles.
We have tried Belgian chocolate.
We have tried Belgian pastries.
We have tried Belgian beer.

Our mission for tomorrow is Belgian Frites and then we can move on. Actually I don't think we move on for a couple of days? There's still lots to see here though... museum of auto history, museum of instruments and perhaps a day trip to one of the smaller out lying cities like Antwerp or Gent.


  1. Completely jealous on the Belgian Beer thing! Glad you two are enjoying yourselves... it looks amazing!

  2. Hi Laurel & Jason, We are with you in spirit as you move from place to place. Your photos and commentary are delightful. Sounds like you have absolutely everything under control. You haven't mentioned temperatures but we see that you are wearing your warm jackets. Nic will be tuning in as soon as he gets his new computer. Keep having fun. Hugs. Jean, Russ & Nic

  3. Marianne - We are indeed having a blast. You can get what would normally be a specialty beer in Edmonton at a grocery store here for under 1 euro!

    Jean, Russ & Nic - So nice to hear you guys are following along. The weather has been fairly decent so far in the sense that we have not seen any rain! However, when it's +2C here it feels so much colder because of wind and the humidity. I wear 5 layers a day - keeps me comfortable and makes my backpack a whole lot lighter too.

    Off to Paris next! - Laurel and Jason