Saturday, May 22, 2010


Since our camping trip to Jasper had to be canceled *due to SNOW*, I had most of the ingredients already gathered to make an Italian Sausage Skillet. It was inspired by, but not exactly the same as this camping recipe I had made last year. I used orange pepper, red onion and no zucchini this time. It was not as good cooked on the stove as compared to over the open fire. Still, it was tasty and fairly simple to throw together. It was such a colorful dish.. purple and orange! The picture doesn't do it justice.
This morning I threw together a breakfast skillet of my own creation. Here's what was in it:

a little dot of margarine
chopped red onion
frozen hash browns
2 eggs
chopped spinach
fresh ground pepper

I sauteed it all up together and put a cheese curd on top. It was an odd choice of topping, I know,  and not exactly something I would recommend. Jason thought it was butter. Perhaps next time I will just eat the cheese curd on it's own.

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