Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

I turned 25 yesterday! Everyone has been taking me out and cooking for me (spoiling me) so I have no new recipes for you. Instead, I would like to show you what my mom and dad presented me with for  the big two-five. Here is the newest addition to my kitchen....
Isn't it beautiful?? I now want to make cakes and cookies and icing and everything else that has given me a sore arm in the past 3 years! This evening a friend took me out for birthday pizza but I just couldn't wait any longer.. I had to make something. 
The Kitchenaid was put to work on it's first task of whipping mashed potatoes with cream cheese, sour cream and chives for Jason's post-race dinner. It did an amazing job (he said they were unnaturally smooth).
In other birthday/cooking related news, I got my first apron from my grandparents! Hard to believe I've never had or used one considering how messy I am in the kitchen.
Jason took me out to the "Melting Pot" for fondue last night and we had an absolutely fantastic meal. I could give you the details of all 4 courses and all of the tasty things we tried but instead I will just say, you should go! After 3 hours and 3 different fondues (cheese, broth & chocolate), we were stuffed. They do a great job of explaining all of the flavors and cooking times so it's perfect for a first-time-fonduer. they even equipped us with a "search and rescue" spoon!
 The icing on the cake of a great birthday was my first pair of diamond earrings from Jason.

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