Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Best Foccacia Bread!

Tonight my entire meal came from the rebar cookbook (which you can read more about here). Although everything did turn out, I think the foccacia bread stole the show! I had eaten this foccacia bread before (made by the lender of the rebar cookbook) and it was fabulous. Never in a million years did I think I could pull something like off since I usually stay away from yeasts and bread. I took a picture of it before going in the oven because it looked so pretty and I was still not confident it wouldn't fail miserably in the oven:
Here's the finished product:
And it was just as delicious as it looks! I was pretty pleased with myself for this accomplishment. I took a picture of the recipe (click to make it bigger):
To go along with the bread I made some pasta from the rebar cookbook as well. The only thing I had to substitue was dried basil for the fresh basil leaves. My basil plant has seen better days (namely the day it was purchased... it was all down hill after that day):
And lastly, a fruit crumble. I used mango, rhubarb from the garden and frozen strawberries.
In the topping I added some slivered almonds. It was delicious and we have lots of leftovers! Bonus. Here's the recipe:
All in all, a very successful meal. Jason was racing in Canmore all weekend so I thought I'd make this meal a little more special than usual and he said it was the best recovery meal he's ever had. We've got a little bit of everything to take in our lunches tomorrow too.


  1. The bread looks amazing! Something to do with my weekend i think :) thanks for the recipe

  2. I made focaccia today to what a funny coincidence ! Sadly my basil didn't do well either. Finally decided I'm just going to keep buying bunches at t&t market when I want some

  3. My sister asked me to contribute a dish to Sunday's dinner with guests (in lieu of cooking a meal which I had offered to do. I am going to attempt this bread as I was so impressed by yours. Wish me luck!

    Love, Mom (june)