Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dinner & First Aid

As most of you know, Wednesday is Jason's group bike ride so I like to make him something special for when he gets home. I was cooking away when he phoned and requested 2 ice packs be ready upon his arrival. Dinner was JUST about on the table when Jason showed up and and out came the first aid kit. He has some pretty impressive wounds (he'll show you the pictures if you ask!) which he cleaned and I taped up as best I could. A few years ago we went to a hypochondriacs estate sale and now have a fairly extensive first aid section in our home, thankfully.  By the time we got around to eating dinner, it was cold and probably had been licked by the cat a few times.
I made salmon for myself and chicken for Jason. On both I used a mixture of olive oil, fresh dill, garlic, lemon juice, kosher salt and pepper. To go with that I made some carrots, fresh from the garden, glazed with honey.

My mom gave me the idea to make a stuffed baked potato. For the insides I used a mixture of gorgonzola, fresh chives and a splash of milk. My kitchenaid whipped it all up nice and smooth. The  insides went back into the potato and then I let them brown under the broiler.

MY REVIEW: The potato was yummy. Does anyone else think gorgonzola sort of gives things a strong mushroomy taste?

JASON'S REVIEW: I felt my wounds healing as I ate the delectable chicken, vegetables and fluffy savory potato.

PS - This is my favorite stray cat! She's so tiny and very camera shy but is such a sweetheart. She always has such a concerned look on her face but will let her guard down for a quick scratch on the head.  I used to hide the fact I fed stray cats from Jason. It is no longer a secret.

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