Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Favorites Lately...

Although my cooking has not been overly exciting this week, I did discover something that excites me! I've passed it by on many a menu and thought about it at the grocery store before but never took the plunge. Last week was the week. I purchased a tube of polenta from the Italian market and did not regret it. I've been experimenting and hope to get a little more advanced with my polenta cooking. Simply slicing it into medallions and frying it with a little butter or olive oil until crispy is a fantastic way to make it though. In the picture above I broiled some cheddar cheese on top.
Something else I've made before that I'm still perfecting is a chicken-vegetable-rice noodle-broth-soup. I start with a big pot of water and add some gluten-free soup base, salt, pepper, saffron, garlic, green onions & ginger. You can really add any of your favorite spices at this point.. I do wish I had some fresh herbs to add but my garden is done, sadly. I let the broth get really nice and hot, until it's boiling, and then threw in some raw chicken cut into small pieces. The chicken cooks in the boiling water for about 10 minutes and then then, enter the veggies! I put ribbons of carrot and zucchini in this one along with a very special ingredient ...
.. pimento! I found it at the Italian Market and it was very flavorful and sweet. Once the vegetables were cooked and the soup was nicely mixed, I threw in some thing rice noodles to finish it up. Now it was good... but here's my most important soup tip: soup always tastes better the next day! Give it a night to let the flavors mingle and it will be much tastier.

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