Sunday, September 19, 2010

Favorite Carrot Glaze & Beer

I can't believe I have not posted this recipe yet! Jason requests it basically every night. Our stash of homegrown carrots is diminishing quickly and I don't look forward to going back to store bought. All you need to make this glaze is...

butter (or margerine)
brown sugar
dijon mustard

Just a little of each, melted in the microwave into a smooth sauce and poured on top of some cooked carrots. It's heaven!

In other news, I love(d) beer and had not had one in about 3 months thanks to this crazy celiacs disease. Everyone kept telling me to try gluten free beer but I refused. My beer memories were ripe with tastes fresh from the brewery in Belgium and drinking Peronies next to the leaning tower of Pisa. I had some really great beer memories! I figured gluten-free beer might fade my memories but I caved this weekend. After learning the Sherbrooke Liquor Store had a gluten-free shelf, we decided to make a trip to our favorite beer store for the first time in a long time.
This was my choice. A little more expensive than normal beer.. but Jason paid so I didn't mind. As most gluten-free things, it was DIFFERENT. It was not BAD though. I was actually pleasantly surprised and am happy to say my beer memories have not been erased. If you're interested, Sherbrooke recently did a blog post all about gluten-free beer.
Jason picked some "Wild Honey" for himself! So fitting.

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  1. Wild honey beer with a wild Honey in the background. D'awww.