Thursday, September 9, 2010


Oh man I've been such a bad blogger lately. I don't even really have anything exciting for you today either! Lately we eat skillets, stirfrys or roasted vegetables. Mostly vegetarian but sometimes with some chicken or sausage. Here's some things I've taken pictures of in the past week:
 I got a little creative with that one adding chick peas and artichoke hearts.
This is a jar of homemade apple sauce. I cut up a bag of apples from my grandmas tree and put them in the crockpot for about 3 hours on high. There was also some vanilla, ginger and cinnamon in the mix. When they were soft and juicy I blended it all im my shiny red kitchenaid. Due to a gluten contamination error on my part, I was unable to try this but it smelled wonderful!
Broccoli, grape & sunflower salad. The dressing was a mix of mayo, balsamic vinegar and sugar. The dressing was not outstanding but the broccoli came from a local farm so it made up for it.
I have been making this gnocchi dish quite frequently and a little different each time. Once with spinach which was great and this particular batch had some chicken pieces in the mix. I think I'll keep it a vegetarian dish as the flavors are so outstanding on their own.
Some locally grown corn purchased straight from the farm! I much preferred EATING this corn as compared to getting lost in a maze of it.
A little tomato salad made from some of our very own tomatoes! I think our whole crop is in there. I mixed in some artichoke hearts and used the oil from them as a dressing in addition to basil and fresh ground pepper.

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