Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Black Bean Quesadilla

After a horrible visit to the dentist, which will be followed by 2 more increasingly horrible (and painful) visits, I was in no mood for cooking. I had a big fancy recipe I wanted to try tonight but I think I will save that for tomorrow. Instead, I mixed some diced tomatoes with my epicure salsa spice....

... then mixed some black beans in with that. I spooned the mixture onto a whole wheat tortilla, sprinkled with low fat cheddar, folded and then put in the oven at 400F. I left them in for about 5 minutes per side. We didn't have any sour cream, so we used some Jalapeno Cheddar vegetable dip (also from Epicure) instead.

And then we had popcorn for dessert!

They were spicy and really hit the spot.

MY REVIEW: I will have to agree with Jason. Not much else to say about this weak dinner! Epicure saved the day.


  1. i love italian-spanish inspired cooking.

  2. omg Sounds amazing! Where can I get this Epicure stuff! I am always so tired when I get home and usually end up eating junk food! MMM!!

  3. Carmella - Epicure is kind of like the food industries version of Avon! You can have buying/sampling parties at your house and the host gets gift and special deals. My mom had one a few months ago which is why I have so much of it. You can buy stuff through their website as well which is:


    It's all natural and they even have salt-free spices.

    I don't work for them - honest! I just really like their products :)