Friday, August 14, 2009

Chocolate Fudge Cake

I saw the movie Julie & Julia last night and loved it! It inspired me to do a little experiment today. I won't spoil the whole movie (because you should all see it), but there is one scene where Julia makes a chocolate cake and her husband pretty much eats the entire thing with his hands. After the movie, my grandma asked me if that's what Jason would do if I made him a chocolate cake. I couldn't really say because Jason has never had that sort of a freedom with a chocolate cake. When I bake, it's usually for someone else or a special occasion. That means his consumption is heavily monitored. I got to thinking... what would Jason do with a cake to himself?? No limits.

So, when Jason got home from work today, this is what he found on the kitchen table:
I even iced it!
After the first bite, he had to go put his "eating" pants on.
Honey was enjoying the smell immensely.
Who am I kidding... she's always on the table. I like to pretend it has something to do with the wonderful smell of my cooking. But clearly it does not... she was bored with the entire situation.
All in all, Jason did not eat as much as I imagined. Or perhaps my cake was not as good as Julias? Hard to say. Here's the leftovers:Anyways, here's the recipe I used if any of you are interested in trying this experiment.

3/4cup sugar
1/2cup flour
1/2cup walnuts
1/2cup coconut
1/2cup cocoa
1/2tsp vanilla
2 eggs
1/2cup melted butter

Mix ingredients as written. Bake about 20 minutes. Ice while warm.

That is honestly all I have written down on this recipe card! It was from a friend of my grandmas and it's pretty much fool proof. I don't have the time/temperature down yet. I just start checking it every 5 minutes after 20 minutes and the oven was at about 300. It's very easy to prepare though! You only get 1 bowl dirty.

JASON'S THOUGHTS ON THE EXPERIMENT: It was tasty. It was chewy and satisfying and I've never had chocolate cake for dinner before. I hope I get chocolate cake for dinner every night.

PS - You may have caught a glimpse of my new typewriter in the first picture! Here it is - in all its glory:
$5 at a garage sale, works like a charm and weighs about 23098lbs. It has no home yet so it sits on the kitchen table. I've already used it once for a gift tag and hope to get lots of use out of it for cards and such!

*Update: Approximately 15 hours after the brownie came out of the oven, it had been fully consumed. That included a large portion for breakfast.

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  1. oooohhhh yum. i love brownie/chocolateness sooo much!