Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years in Canmore

We are home from our annual new years trip to Canmore. Keeping with the theme of my blog, here's some places you should eat if you ever find yourself in Canmore (and you should find yourself in Canmore):

You must go to Beamers for breakfast. I had a Chai Latte and a Mango Blackberry muffin that was full of sunflower seeds, flax and pumpkin seeds. I couldn't even finish this muffin. In fact, the bottom bit is probably still in Jason's glove box (sorry Jason I forgot).

Zona's Late Night Bistro - I didn't take any pictures here (borrowed a few from their website) but it is so worth mentioning. I had an Indonesian Vegetable Strudel and Jason had pork ribs (straight from the website: Adrian's ribs Black currant-wild turkey bourbon glazed baby back pork ribs with jasmine rice and veggies). The atmosphere was very relaxed and we spent a good few hours in here.

For another breakfast, we tried out the Rocky Mountain Bagel Company. Again - I only took this photo of Jason with a wooden spoon pig (their method of remembering what table gets what order) ...

... and no photos of the actual food. They have a huge selection of bagels and cream cheese to match. You can get a breakfast bagel or a pizza bagel or a sandwich bagel... lots of options here and our bagels tasted very fresh.

So now we're back home and trying out my meal plan for the week. Tonight Jason and I were both eating chicken so I made a variation of Crockpot Salsa Chicken (I say variation because I just use whatever veggies I have in the fridge - and sometimes thighs, sometimes breasts) and a spinach salad with feta and cherry tomatoes to match. Voila. The chicken makes a great meal with lots of leftovers for lunch.

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