Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Too contagious for work? Bake muffins!

This morning I woke up to a horribly sore throat. Apparently it's a viral throat infection that randomly manifested over night. I'm not tired, I don't have a fever, no coughing and sneezing... just an infected throat. The doctor suggested I stay away from work/people until this disappears so I'm stuck at home with my patchy throat.

Perhaps it wasn't the BEST thing to do, but I baked muffins. Lots of muffins. I used this highly acclaimed recipe:

Banana Muffins (makes 12 muffins)
*The notes made on this recipe came from the original author.. not me!

3 or 4 Large bananas, mashed (the more bananas the moister, so I use 4) (i freeze bananas when they go brown in case you were wondering how I had 12 brown bananas sitting on the counter)
1/2 cup white sugar (original recipe calls for 1 cup, but I don’t like them too sweet)
1 slightly beaten egg
1/3 cup melted margarine or butter
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups flour

Mix the mashed banana, sugar, egg and margarine together. Set aside. In a separate bowl, mix together baking soda, baking powder, salt and flour. Mix wet and dry ingredients all together! Pour into greased muffin tins, and bake in 350 degrees F oven for approximately 20 minutes. Enjoy!

I made 3 batches and 3 different versions:

Dark chocolate (added about 1/2cup of dark chocolate chips)
Milk Chocolate & Walnut (added about 1/2cup of both chopped walnuts and milk chocolate chips)
Peanut Butter (added about 1/2cup of reeces peanut butter chips)

I made 3 tupperware containers of assorted muffins that I was going to put in the freezer but Jason told me not to bother... he'd take care of them.

MY REVIEW: These turned out great! Mine weren't done after 20 minutes... more like 25 but you have to watch them. They are super moist and the ingredients take no time at all to throw together. After peeling 12 frozen brown bananas, I figured out the secret. You need to cut a slit lengthwise down the banana and peel it around sort of vertically instead of pulling it down like you would a fresh banana that you were going to eat. Those inside stringy bits freeze to the banana if you peel it that way and it's annoying to get it all off.

JASON'S REVIEW: They were magically delicious.

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  1. You can't go wrong with muffins, they make everything better. And they freeze so beautifully.